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"Besame Mucho suggested the Coconut Grove or the Stork Club back in the 1940s. A gentle rumba rhythm (or was it a beguine?) set the mood for the evening. Cheek to Cheek took us into songbook territory, impeccably sung and played with pianist Stockdale providing the jazz. In all, I counted 30 songs over the two set gig all gems of the songwriters craft. An up tempo I Wish You Love scored heavily as did Hit The Road To Dreamland and the wonderful lyric..." - Reviewed by Lance Liddle, founder and writer of the blog ‘Be Bop Spoken Here’, relaying information about jazz events in the north east
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the band need to set up?
It takes approximately 1 hour to set up and sound check, and the same for packing down the equipment, however, if the venue has the type of access that may delay the band e.g. a lot of stairs or long distances from where the band’s vehicles are parked, just let us know at the time of booking and the set up and pack down times can be adjusted to suit your event.
Does the band provide their own sound and lighting equipment?
Unless you want to hire a stage, we provide all the sound and lighting equipment needed. We only use very high quality equipment so you don’t need to worry about hiring any additional equipment. To prove our commitment to your event, we are offering the complimentary service of a disco, ensuring background music is played whilst your guests are dining, and whilst the band aren’t performing, all the way through to midnight, so you can rest easy knowing that music is provided for the whole of your evening, and best of all, we will save you money by providing this free service because you won’t need to book a DJ. All of the equipment is PAT tested for electrical safety and the band also holds Public Liability Insurance.
How much space does the band need?
Approximately 12 x 6 feet, depending on whether you book the four, five, or six members of the Katherine Stone Band. We are totally committed to your event and will be as flexible as possible at all times, but please check with your venue to make sure they can accommodate a band.
How long does the band play for?
This is negotiable, but the most popular choice is 2 x 50 minute party sets between 8pm and midnight. This can sit really nicely with the evening’s events, usually performing the first set before any food that might be served, and performing the second set after the food, providing your evening with a really great programme, keeping your guests entertained and on the dance floor all night!
Can I see the band before booking?
Many of our party events are private functions and unfortunately this means that it is not open to the public or our potential clients. However, we do have some public bookings with the Katherine Stone Quartet (playing mostly jazz and swing songs), please keep an eye on our gig page for up and coming events. Please also see our audio/visual option on our website which will give you a great impression of how we would fit with your event. The Band are booked well in advance for weddings and functions, and we recommend that you don’t put off booking the band for too long as we really don’t want you to miss out.
Do I need to provide anything for the band?
The Band provide all of the equipment needed for sound and lighting. However, generally speaking, the band are working a 15 hour day to ensure your event goes smoothly, and we are grateful for any food that you are able to provide, which, in turn means the band can continue to perform to its max! A dressing room is also necessary to help keep the band members separate from your guests, this will have the added benefit of having a hidden spot to store any empty boxes, and allow us to change clothes ready for our performance. Parking is required for the band’s vehicles(s).
A standard fee applies to most events, depending on whether you book 4, 5, or 6 members of the Band. However the performance time, location of the venue, and the time of year for the event can have some bearing on our prices. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to give you an accurate quotation.